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On most of the Coraera yoti'Jt find alao tbe fn urinating pickle ataada which are patrenitad by grown folk. U JDdfvtnr for Application for the removnl of Mftrilin N. v il Lcge* rh^r represented lo the Surr OEaten Court I hat Burkett hud tin real estate,, and that bin nfls-winnl prop- erty did not nri icd 0 la vji Iup. Delnj, a gentltnuati, he iirrtnltlrd one of tbe Indy atara to ln- terril W tbe Mayor flret, thrjrchy losing a few thonaanrl rotea. He pulled out a roll ot bill* llrge enoogh to choke a home and then calmly pug tbcm back In hla pocket. A little capture of as fine values as we have been able to offer Irr years.

In fact, they are prpbablj the amnrteat areaard poor folk In the world, Mont Allen stret wc like to look fa at thu window* and tee the dusty-eyed thv D and women atltchlng away at gay-colored flulltt; for that Is center of tbe d&wn paff Industry and nf the brs M shop N. see oaken caaha from Serbia, all *orts « nf odd abapea and ntr^nt aa Iron. r ntnrr Japrr, »* tx Kutors of the estate of her husband, Walter L. , wfco Tran Tice rrrealo'ent or the Bute Jlauk, khi filed yesterday in (be ■ Snrrpgate'i C&itrt by A. Lcvj'a judgment agatatt Burkctt'n catitr, he nay*, is for moneys he lent to Bifrkett in hi* lifettine, He charge* in his- petition that the widow of Burketi mid her "on hare mls- rtpreitfnted the veluo of the entail In miliar their itiltt petition for appoint- ment nil itdmlnlet tutors of estate. Edward Eartn fumtshed hla brothir and ilatctr acurra with a great thrill yai- teriay.

Women ore natural ll Vfe, aot that I'd «r a word Ifalnit thani. Polk auj If know ol a swamp where there an orchid., but we bare dl Klu Hd It Oecasrouallr v.e fetch in a Moasom or Wt. of ha t Ioj: been im- plicated in tnc theft of newen dreta« valued at ? It it Rlle Eed 'Ivry found her In tbe act of trjlaa to aeli one of the atolen rirenea. Eaa Wa Pmrkwavy Bran 14«h St, ju»t Wett of Mott Are. WHEN Ch.rlr* O'ftellty ca^ls the Bienia^ » ordtr at the Ten Eyck Hotel in Albunjr lo day soin" •.; ifae ro Aat atrenuoun mo Tora in thr j.ocbedttr taa pnrtr will not an»w(r lh. Wirea were rrffired yeaterdw trltll n Tariety Of oxciisei that atfetaf Bcient Ly r. Herman, Walter Hay*, Leo Btert,rr, Cha^lea Stelner.' V, A.

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And when too loot at a landteape it Is aa It throu.h lorn lowly Jtl L We said to our- selrea that HUM Olrrnan was rl»ht ih ca Uiac Sprini a Uric danctr. tocause It the* are hot frgren 1 ha« an earlj crop, and It tter .e« too law tbe;- are no mod infirar.

In the loadaide thleketa spirtwood In putrioir out Itawle freer, irav-ea. I hare planted m, MU axalnsi the ao»l« of ray nelirlrbors.

Howrrer, lh«ra are New Jersey and Lorut I down Second areoue trem Htuy Tfaact Sciusre, It it a wide, sunny, clean thorough fa ra, and I lore the gllapsea of i»relfn fo Th. t^artattea ««n H UULWEBU UU tun wire often enough concerts at tha tine tine ia a aubw«« t.-aiu to furn UU muaie for i Tter f»r.

creator of tlio cfii Lf luipt wbtci Snrv S dii order from Ntirrog Mc Cohnliu to nhnw cotaa why the l*w Imw V N«rt Jon of tbe libmrr. But I hare always fuund the Jo Dg trip Ibrougb town rathrr .innoying wh*rp I wanted the country. Laat night n-*ny trule Toicei coold be heard in the throes of bajrnmny.

I.) MAn Eudl Nvilui A "PEKROD" w Hli W«ley Butt, Vird Oii & Perry, and Otb«rs. A4d the peoples going upoa tfavlr errands to the thope atpd the theatre^ Usually tee go to the faut of the atrt Pt soil tbrouxii East Houaton Ntrrst and doaru Allen. ■ The ef Tact of «uaic; Week may aian be eeaponalble for the In cit awad am O'Jnt of wtiatliair in the ateeeta by aaaa U me*- to 'The Kitten Bi Tlea" •» Bapa*i»tt T dtflkciilt number for the whlat Ur and re- quiring nn inordinate akill in the bel canto style. Thr City Fire Department, gare a con- ctrt by mearbera of its own orgaaiaa- Eton ac the 212th Anti-Aircraft Bwaaabt , Armory in the evening. Brooklyn both nnvwed •»*- cinl mn*ie nrogian* for ^jg W»^^ To o oroi aapiata the day rta and MMttra* at t ™» Y, Jif.

and all tbt pothers knitting Ibern in the sunlight, guardinf their infants' akleep In their pnlna. V John Wanamaker Broad W « Ninth, New York MUSIC HAS SWAY OVER ENTIRE CITY Tin nrafanche ot co Mert*, lectmrea and just tnuaic that el*Blllaed tha be- ginning of Mwde Waek on Monday con- tinued yesterday in the aam* prao Ugloua quantity, ftrer the entire nity, from the nouthern Up ot State* k,l*Bito the Vonkera line, mnric m all awrta ana prrloda h*ld *w»r. JUide from Ihe 'inpreaiedilatcd mujic, many org Uluitlon S tare enlfr Uinmenta. presented tha fim C Tier-'orfivt DC* in Americ** of WUsnr*S "Sal Ttun Fac" for the orgaa aod brau ehoiri Prof. Baldwin, of the Col- lege af the City ot New York, lactam* ayi Ura "Modern French $ettool ot Mu- b Ic' 1 in the unlyeraltji nuditerinni. in Bnwhl**, ta* aiu- damta nn l rocitil on their ow» rt- The Hotel Comn»d*ro ud the Hatbl Boa Mrt In.

The tad manl H ate itill showinc, and we saw aealnat the transparent e*T tne trajrllo Umods of the ash tree and the jrar trinje on some varlni ot ejra. And In the «elds farmcra plow and narrow, ptonj Ihele land in shape for thn plaatiif.

The fofe RU on diltant hitia ire far more colorful than they were a weelt aco. ,^ A Blueberrire art In bloom, and thej are onlse a domlaant pini "nionj^ the paler colon, of the season. tbe biff majority erf film men will not leere this city until Sat- urday or Sunday. n"t need to be told that he nceda a houte to -hoiv hla important apest-lafe* Mr, Fox knew aa aoon in he cbeefced np on "The Count of Monte Criato," ^Naro," "The Town That Forrot r. June when "A t'alnl Marriage," nu- e i Md by pic t Jr.

I'm leirr that my rut** arr neither' elefant hot eipent.rr; t b«aat of this because I am mtlrh happier lt;;in I'd bfc nthrrv ■]•' in Lav au Lonobile and be in tbe rouatry ai soao mk tt* orosa the k Vost Road. satas B ASKY HAS PLANNED FOR SIX MONTHS AHEAD little Qlf Hew York" Fardiaieu u a Starring Yehide for Marion Dairies.

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