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Wherever I went, I was greeted by friendly faces and incredibly helpful people.Combine that with relatively cheap travel costs, plentiful treks and truly stunning mountains and you have one hell of a great backpacking destination.If you do not have the photocopies at the checkpoint, this will cause delays.

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Check out this video from my first trip (in February 2016) backpacking Pakistan…

The Pakistani people are very generous and you will be plied with ridiculous amounts of free food and chai.

The friends I made in Pakistan remain some of the best I have made on this trip; Pakistanis have a great sense of humour and many of them are real adventure travel enthusiasts. If there’s one thing that sucks about Pakistan, it’s getting hold of a visa.

For most nationalities, visas can only be obtained from the embassy in your country of origin – this means that you can’t get a visa on the road.

Visas are pretty expensive, for British nationals they are a whopping £100, and before you can even apply you need to get a letter of invitation (LOI) from a Pakistani tour company stating that, basically, they will accept responsibility for you.

There are various Pakistani companies online offering this service and quite a few of them are very expensive, I have partnered with my good friends Lizzy and Shah, who run motorcycling adventure around Pakistan, they can hook you up with your LOI through the form on this page.

Burkina Sign Language (in French: Langue des signes mossi) is the indigenous sign language of the Deaf community in the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou.

Deaf education in Burkina is in American Sign Language. Natural sign languages are not related to the spoken language used in the same region.

Please be aware that although The Karakoram Club is full of super helpful people it is a ‘free to join’ Facebook group which means that some tour groups, trying to sell shit to backpackers, are now in the group.

To connect with other backpackers travelling to Pakistan, join the Backpacking Pakistan facebook group.

Make no mistake though, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get your Pakistani visa outside of your country of nationality unless you have a residency visa in the country you are applying in.

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