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In fact, I’ve never met anyone as patient as he is. Robert proposed in the warm glow of fairy lights in the orchard of a Calistoga winery.

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We put off announcing the engagement then, so we could spend more time together – and without our phones! We both love the cliff-edged Ju-Ma-Na because it’s modern and chic, and is one of the best dining experiences in Bali.

Having a small private affair kept the mood warm and intimate, which was perfect for us as we wanted our guests to feel at ease; as if they were on holiday and not just attending a destination wedding.

We were strolling when we both realised that there was more than friendship going on between us.

We started dating soon afterwards – and that’s when I found out what an incredibly patient man he is. We were in Napa Valley, which is north of San Francisco in the US.

Then Trinity Gallery came to my rescue in the nick of time. The instant I saw the Monique Lhuillier dress in blush in the salon, I knew it was the one for me. Don’t allow yourself to be sweet-talked into anything by vendors.

Some mark the prices up so high and get away with it because there are brides who feel they have to spend more to get everything perfect.Proust took the book to Grasset, a few streets away in the septième arrondissement, who published it at the author’s expense 100 years ago this week.The following year Proust received one of the best-known apologies in literary history: “Turning down your book,” wrote Gide, “remains one of the greatest regrets of my life.” After some knotty negotiations with Bernard Grasset, Gallimard managed to win Proust back, buying up the last 200 unsold copies of Swann’s Way.Born in his great-uncle’s house during the violent crisis that resulted from the Franco-Prussian war and the Paris Commune, he made himself the elegist of the fin de siècle.An anglophile with imperfect English, he admired and translated Ruskin, whom he claimed to know by heart.Proust won the Prix Goncourt in 1919, and from then the novel became what we now think it to be: a book so famous that we don’t need to have read it to talk about it. Is that how we measure their path-breaking greatness?

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