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Name Something That’s Usually More Expensive At Department Stores Than At Drug Stores. Name Something People Forget To Do When They Leave Their Car Name Something People Got To A Professional To Have Cleaned. Name something you would not want to wake up in bed next to. Tell me someone whose plastic surgeon you'd never go to. Name Something That Will Happen If You Stop Brushing Your Teeth. Name Something That Might Ruin A Ballerina’s Day While Performing On Stage. Name Something That Computers And Sports Cars Have In Common. Name Something People Look Forward To All Year Long. Name Something People Do In An Argument That Isn’t Productive At All. Name Something Associated With “It’s A Wonderful Life”.

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Name something you might do to prepare for a natural disaster. Name something you would not want to see your babysitter do while on the job. # Only Tell Me Something That Is Still Classy In Hollywood. Tell Me A Way In Which Your Office Is Kinda Of Like A “Soap Opera”Tell Me An Excuse A Man Might Give For Showing Up Late For A Date.

Tell Me How Old A Woman Is Before She Starts Lying About Her Age.

Name Something That Might Ruin A Day At A Popular Amusement Park.

Name Something You Can Make With Lots Of Pictures ( Wording Not Exact )Name Something That’S Weighed On A Scale Name Something They Might Have In A Hotels Honeymoon Suite You Wish You Had In Your Bedroom. Name Something You Can Buy In The Paper Products Aisle At The Supermarket.

Name Something You Might Do Right After Work On Friday. Name Something You Have To Put On A Personal Check Name Something You Hate Getting In Your Mailbox Name Something You Do To An Envelope Before Mailing It. Has A Lot Of Name Something You Associate With Superman.

Name Something You Might Get At A Movie Concession Stand To Go With Your Popcorn. Name someone or something you might get trip ideas from. Name a place parents might hide Christmas presents. Name a country that doesn't win many medals at the Summer Olympics. Name something people come back from vacation with. Name a city that has hosted the Summer Olympic Games. Name a celebrity who has had a lot of plastic surgery. Tell me something people do more of during winter than summer. Name a pet some people keep that others would try to kill if they saw it in their house. Name a reason you might marry someone you don't really love. Name something that a child would touch but an adult would not. Name something specific that might give you away when you are trying to hide. Name Something A Liberated Woman Might Resent Having A Man Do For Her.Tell me something you do NOT want to see during a trip to the beach. Tell me a word you'd use to describe someone that is mean. Tell me something kids often want to be when they grow up. Name a revolution other than the American revolution. Besides teachers, name a profession that can take the summer off. Tell me something that is okay for kids to do, but not parents. Name something a kid might save their allowance for. Name Something A Couple Might Want To Know About A House Before Buying It.Name something you would not like to happen during Thanksgiving dinner. Name a furry creature that would not make a good pet. Name An Actor Who Also Has A Rock Band Name A Word That Follows “Holy”Name A Weapon A Scuba Diver Might Use Underwater. We asked 100 married men: What do you do when your wife starts crying? Name a reason why it would be fun to live in a big city. Tell me something you think of when you think of Star Trek. Name something people buy to prepare for a big storm. Name Something A Parent Might Take Away From A Child Who Is Being Punished. Give me a North American city that begins with the letter "M". Name Something Old People Spend More Time Doing Than Young People. Name Something Associated With Jack Nicholson Name Something Australia Is Known For. Name Something A Ten Year Old Girl Might Take To A Sleep Over.

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