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It was suggested that as platoon LPO I take the op,, I flat turned it down because of Gene Tinnen and Curtis Williams,,, our J. The rest is too painful vto talk abour,, But peapol ask, "How Are you ???

I always reply,,"Glad to be alive"ses Marquez Kilo Plt Sea Float, 69..

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He still is in the music business and posts me his latest discs... He was 2nd engineer aboard a USNS ammo ship out of subic.

I can send you a video disc of Armorel sailing from Mother England to San Francisco in 1959,, Send my your posting Address... This bay was where we also spend Christmas with Dave And Sharon Bodkin when Odin was born on .

I always rign out 8 slow bells for the passing of a Teamate. Robert Peterson ST-2 PBR Sailor a VN interpreter name: Rio.

email: 21Jun2015 RIO, I can not recall the events these photos depict. Robert "Pete" LT Peterson Chuck Jesse and Doc Riojas Fred Keener SEAL K-9 Interpreter too Minh, VN interpreter Roberts and Claude Willits You were my NAUI instructor (#3390) in San Diego in 1976.

I think you asked how old I am,, 01 April 1940,, 75 and remember where I was on V-E & V-J day..... All's well here with our family,, Take care mate Hoo Yah Deep Diving Doc; Thats a roger,, Berry,,, Ted Cassa and Jumping Joe Jenkins,, Had not seen jumping Joe since BMCS George Rush's Wake,, George was NCDU,, UDT-12,, I bought my yacht ARMOREL from George & Jan,, We called her mother "FROG" This reunion must of been in early 85 as I drove up from The Baja B. That was the last time I saw Leon Rauch,, He was walkinf with atick,, when I asked him about it ??? When I was running my Sports SCUBA classes at US NTC I qualified his Son as a diver...

Its a bloody long string and we"re all laced together "Brother",, "HOO YAH DEEP DIVING" P, S, The other fellow is Ted Cassa,, I next saw him when he came down tyo N. to visit Dave (Jolly Green Giant) Bodkin just agter my son ODIN w AS BORN AND d AVE & s HARON WERE ANCHORED IN m ANGONUI WITH US...

As soon as I work out this machine I'll pass more on to our Vietnam Vets and Frogman Friday,, And Doc Rieo as well....

Hope these photos help Dee's Family work things out,,, The one thing I realy remember is the bloody big snake he brought home in a sack in Delta Plt's gun box,,, Bolldy big bugger too,, in the end it excaped in Coronado and was never seen again... Hoo Yah Deep Diving Diecks "Down in New Zealand"Doc; I sent you a wee bit of post today,, Lets see just how long it takes to arrive in The Lone Star State ?? I hade the lady at the post office put some lovely NZ stamps on it for you or any kids you know that collect stamps... for it,, and on April 05 0f 85 I sailed out of Mexico after five years for Tahita....

So I've said too much and am boreing tou to tears old timer..... When I learn a bit more about this machine I'll pass you some paperwork to back up the story.. Deep Diving Diecks Doc I hope you get my package with the CD and the pictures. On my private 4 ton mooring, Mangonvi Harbcure, Far North, N. Note: The Big bronze bell was made for Armorel in S. Ted and Helen Kassa also came down by air to visit Dave and Helen.

Take Care Team Mate Thanks again for your efforts Hoo Yah Deep Diving Diecks Take Care Team Mate May31,2015 To: Doc Rio From: D. In Armdrel's Cockpit I am anjoying a cigar from "the Manila Hotel R. The bellsmith won 3d place, World champ for tone in Switzerland.

then and in the DV locker ST-1, At the time I was running the show... Hoo Yah, Deep Diving" DEEP DIVING DIECKS From: Bob Diecks To: Tom Frank Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2015 Subject: Photograph Frank; Hope all came thru and right side up..

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