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I don’t like to make too many plans for afterwards; sometimes we end up going elsewhere for drinks or dancing but it’s usually spontaneous. I live with my boyfriend, Jack Whitehall [24, the actor and comedian].On Saturday mornings I get up late and then meet my parents and sister for dim sum in Chinatown.

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Before dating Chan, Whitehall was in a relationship with Roxie Nafousi.

After her graduation, Chan was offered a training contract at the firm Slaughter and May.

I’m more relaxed now but at first I didn’t like the sensation of being out of control.

My lucky break came when I was cast as Charlotte in Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

I did ballet from the age of three and started violin when I was six and piano when I was 11, and I performed in amateur dramatic musicals as a teenager. I was quite shy and acting remained an outside school secret.

Even when I was at university, I was intimidated by the prospect of joining the drama society.

The sad news comes as both Jack and Gemma gear up for some of the busiest times of their careers.

Jack will be hosting the BRIT Awards in February (18), and is also working on a new football-based You Tube series called Training Days, which he will front in the run-up to the 2018 World Cup football tournament.

I really miss them, which is ridiculous given my parents only live an hour away in Kent and my sister lives in London.

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