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Duff initially sings about the consequences of her fame and how people think they know "everything about [me]" ("There's people talking / They talk about me / They know my name / They think they know everything / But they don't know anything about me").

As the chorus draws near, the song takes on a "party anthem" approach, where Duff discusses the "struggle" for joy and self-confidence: "I know I make mistakes / I'm living life day to day / It's never really easy but it's OK..." According to Duff, the song "makes you want to forget about all the pressure of dealing with your boss, or your teacher, or your mom, or [whoever]," and lyrically discusses "getting out and not forgetting to have some fun." The version of "Girl Can Rock" featured on the album, according to Anthony Miccio of Baltimore City Paper has a chord progression similar to the song "Cherry Pie" by American band Warrant.

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Stephen Thomas Erlewine of All Music gave a mixed review of Most Wanted, stating that "hardcore fans will be hard-pressed for a reason to add this to their collection" and that the new songs—"Wake Up", "Beat of My Heart" and "Break My Heart"—"sound a bit like leftovers".

Although he wrote that Most Wanted "isn't a terrible album by any means, it's not particularly a good one, since Duff's two pop albums [Metamorphosis (2003) and Hilary Duff (2004)] have distinctive personalities that don't necessarily mesh together [...], and are both more fun than this." Anthony Miccio, from the Baltimore City Paper, wrote that the album "doesn't signify the closure of a brief career" but is "meant to satisfy an audience that won't be offended by the opportunity to buy their favorite songs again and again." Talia Kraines of BBC Music commented that " ...

Gabriel Leong of MTV Southeast Asia started the review by writing "A greatest hits album seems a tad flagrant when you've only had two albums so far.

So let's call this one a compilation album instead." Aidin Vaziri of San Francisco Chronicle also commented that it was premature as it was too early in Duff's career to release a greatest hits compilation.

Hilary Duff took the typical teen-idol-turned-sex-symbol roadmap and steered it in her own direction.

Sure, she acted (and starred) on several Disney Channel shows (including the three-year-long series .) Then she appeared on the big screen a handful of times and launched a successful singing career—with a top-charting Billboard 200 hit album.

She also dated actor Frankie Muniz and rocker Joel Madden.

In 2013, she was included on Crushable.com’s “A Tribute to All the Disney Channel Stars Who Didn’t Go Crazy.” Her latest project is , a TV series on which she portrays Kelsey, the best friend to a woman who’s pretending to be decades younger than she really is.

there isn't enough here to warrant a purchase if you're already the owner of her back catalogue.

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