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The indie band of brothers – Alejandro, Fabian and Daniel Manzano – return with a single, “Imperfect Me,” off their forthcoming album, and PEOPLE has an exclusive first listen.

“This is a song about embracing who you are even if people you care about struggle to appreciate or understand those imperfections.

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But album sales and ticket sales aren’t their only source of income.

Boyce Avenue have also very successful You Tube channel. With so many online fans, Boyce Avenue has also a lot of money from internet advertisement.

Cameron Boyce is one of them who became popular in the year 2008 after debuting in the Hollywood. However, he has romantically linked with his several co- stars.

The Disney star Boyce is an American actor who gained a lot of popularity at the young age and won hearts of millions of ladies fans. Boyce was once romantically linked with The rumor of two rising star's dating sparked after they shared series pictures on their social media.

It might be because he does not have a girlfriend right now and is solely focused on his career.

If you want, you can find some of his shirtless pictures and can decide on your own whether he is a heart charmer.But, at this early age, he has already been so successful and is still striving for more. He is not only a very talented actor but also a very good dancer.A bright future lies ahead of him as he is very talented and has good potential as well. He is one of the key members of the very popular dancing crew called X Mob.The three brothers formed Boyce Avenue after Daniel finished Harvard Law School and returned home to Florida.Although becoming a lawyer could be a very profitable career choice, Manzano’s found something even better.Not only that, his appearance as Luke Ross in the Disney Channel has won the hearts of million viewers.

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