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We know many of you might not have any idea of who she is and that the sole reason for why we are here today.

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We'll wait and see—I mean, I don't want to put too much pressure on him. I think he has every chance of being the [Laurence] Olivier of our times. He can sell out faster than anyone else in history.

I liked that whole younger guy with the older woman thing.

The couples are blessed with three children, a baby daughter Matilda Eve Goode born on March 1, 2009. I don’t have to worry about her saying: ‘I’m just going off to do this film with Brad Pitt,’ and you read the script and it says: ‘She rides him frantically.’” “I’ve cut my drinking down.

In September of 2013, they were blessed with another baby daughter and named her Teddie Eleanor Rose Goode and later in August 2015, they were blessed with a baby boy and named him Ralph Goode. Talking about if Sophie also is an actress or not, he said, “No, she’s not, thankfully. And I’m going to spoil my daughter rotten but not so much that she turns into a spoiled little bitch.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Will Matthew Goode be the next Shane West? Despite the fact that her movie audience has dwindled since "A Walk to Remember" made West a heartthrob, Mandy's confident that "Chasing Liberty" will put the British newcomer on the minds (and bedroom walls) of young girls everywhere.

(Click for "Chasing Liberty" photos.) "It's about to happen again!The 39-year-old actor is married to Sophie Dymoke since 2007 without any divorce rumors.Now, what may be the reason behind their long lasting relationship?The couple has not disclosed exactly how long they have been together neither any plans on getting married, but it has been long enough because the couple now parents three kids.Caption: Sophie Dymoke with partner Matthew Goode and daughter Matilda Eve Goode.He pauses a moment to think and then narrows his eyes, which have started to pick up flecks of the early winter sun flooding in through the tiny shop's glass doors.

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