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All Pokémon have hit points (HP); whenever a Pokémon's HP is reduced to zero, it faints and cannot battle unless revived at a Pokémon center or with an item.If the player's Pokémon defeats the opposing Pokémon (causes it to faint), it receives experience points.

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are role-playing games (RPGs) developed by Game Freak, published by The Pokémon Company and distributed by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS.

With the enhanced remake Pokémon Platinum, the games comprise the fifth installment and fourth generation of the Pokémon series of RPGs.

Reviewers were divided on the graphics, however, and the audio was criticized as being primitive.

The games enjoyed more commercial success than their Game Boy Advance predecessors: with around 18 million units sold worldwide, Diamond and Pearl have sold over 2 million more units than Ruby and Sapphire and almost 6 million more units than Fire Red and Leaf Green, while outselling their successors, Black and White, by over 2 million copies.

If the player cancels an evolution the Pokémon will learn new moves faster.

Apart from battling, capturing Pokémon is the most important element of Pokémon gameplay.

In previous generations, Pokémon moves were classified as "physical" or "special" based on their type; for example, all Fire-type moves were special and all Ground-type moves were physical.

In Diamond and Pearl, however, moves are categorized into three groups.

(No longer available since May 20, 2014.) The main system for trade is the Global Trade Station, which allows players to trade with people around the world.

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