What women wish you knew about dating

That fucking worthless biker who can't keep a job and just has to brag in every dive how he's fucking Jerry's wife.He's even telling everyone that you slurp down his sperm and beg to get it in the ass.It also caused him to collapse as he lost consciousness.

I like your parents and even get along with your old girlfriends. You get to have your pick of a new car every two years while I drive my old truck. I don't stop you from going out for a "Girl's night out" and I used to trust you.

I love having sex with you and even love to eat your pussy.

They were only a few inches apart and she was backing up.

"And now I find out that you are fucking that dick weed, Mike Thomas.

The camera I set up in our bedroom shows that you entertain him here most of the time. Jerry stood over her and laughed as she continued to excuse herself. I gave it all up because I loved you and you wanted me this way." "You claimed you wanted a family. The thought of you being the mother of my children now disgusts me." Jerry turned away from the vision of his wife sprawled out on the floor. At least the company will be better." He headed out to his old but well maintained pickup. It would look good hauling the bike he just ordered. I was going to wait another couple of weeks but I got pissed tonight. If I hear it on the jukebox tonight I may owe the owner a new one." "Now, if you don't want to end up on your ass again tonight get out of my way. He didn't push her down as many of the neighbors were outside enjoying the fine evening air.

So, tell me, who's the better man." Spotting the chair right behind his fucking loving wife Jerry gave her a little push and watched her land on her ass before the chair tipped and dumped her on the floor. She started to blubber a little about how it wasn't what he thought. She then launched into the old tried and tired excuse. I was lonely." He bent down and spat into her face. I am home every night except the rare occasion when I have to work a little late. You, on the other hand, seem to need multiple nights a week out with your girl friends. Kind of like when I first met you, you seemed to be a bad boy but you changed." Jerry jumped on that statement. You hounded me to change and become more respectable. Before he could get inside the pickup he was confronted by his erstwhile wife. If you knew about Mike why did you wait to confront me? He did pick up her 129 pound body and turn her and set her down a little hard but she kept her feet.At the pub he ordered a pulled pork sandwich with house baked beans along with a good dark ale.He thought wryly that this might be his regular fare if he proceeded with a divorce.He was reluctant to do that as Christy would take him for half of their worth.A good lawyer would get the court to ignore her slutty past."Why the fuck do you have to sing that fucking lyric all of the time? " Christy stopped suddenly and stared at her husband. We have enough savings to go on a long vacation each year and should have enough to cover for your loss of savings if we decide to have a baby.

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