married lesbian dating - What to expect when dating a farmer

Because when your husband tells you he’s in the southwest corner of the field to the south of the “such and such farm” and needs you to bring him something, you will need to be able to find him. A majority of the conversations during your meal time will be about farming. You will get to hear all about crops, equipment, weather, prices… Dates during any other time of the year besides winter = checking crops. I am sure people who still raise livestock have this one the worst. Your trips out of town usually involve some sort of farm business… Ladies, ask for a plat book if your county does that kind of thing.. If you want to see them or spend time with him, this is where you will be. It’s a common thing during certain times of the year that I find soybean seeds rolling around in my dryer. Don’t plan on eating at a certain time every night or day with your husband. You may be eating supper at 7 pm one night and 10 pm the next night. You can never RSVP “yes” to events during planting, spraying, or harvest because you never really know IF you will be available. during this time of the year are usually last minute things… Whether you are going by the hardware store or to stop and look at “insert piece of equipment here”, you never just go to town without doing some sort of farm business… You wish your husband had a nine-to-five job, but then you remember the perks husband has that they don't, so you realize you're pretty lucky.

Date nights might be in a tractor or on only a rainy day, but you take it. We made it a point to take Sundays off no matter what needed to be done on the farm.

Sometimes that means a long night another time, but it keeps us sane. Try and support your husband and keep communicating. Once you embrace that, your expectations will be more realistic.

Take a minute when you can to reconnect - take a ride together or have a quick lunch. It doesn't matter if you are young and starting or older and established. This time of year the days are long, and the tempers short.

Thing is, of course plans come second to the farm, four-legged babies have to be fed, cows have to be milked, crops have to be planted, etc. I wouldn't trade my farmer or my farm life for anything! My husband and I are going on 13 years now, and I still have what I've heard referred to as "farmer's wife transition" every year.

Being married is a feat in and of itself, being married to a farmer adds a whole other layer. I am finding out things about myself I didn’t know…. It rains when you don’t want it to, crops burn up or get disease…. It’s best to find the silver lining in the farm life. You appreciate Mother Nature in ways you’d never thought possible. He’s my rock, he sets my soul on fire, he may make me pull my hair out from time to time…

There is no denying the fact that our relationship is an adventure. Like I CAN learn patience and I had no idea how strong I could be until I needed to be. You will get to experience farming on such an intimate level. Every single day, you are bound to learn something new in the farm world. After my second year of experiencing planting and harvesting crops, I still marvel at how Mother Nature works together in order to make things grow. When I fell in love with my (NOW) husband, I never imagined what our life would look like on a day to day basis.I had an idea it would be hard, I’d be spending a lot of time alone, and that it was bound to be unpredictable. It’s not worth the energy to get your panties in a bunch over trivial things. You will become a glass half full person in a hurry. And if you focus on the negative in the situation, well, your life will be pretty miserable. I look forward to the adventures that lay ahead of us. Sometimes all you need to do is share your feelings and LISTEN!! Remember that good times on the farm outweigh the bad! If you have family, friends, church or a community around you that you can lean on, it will make all the difference in the world. Bad weather is not fun, but it usually means a bit of a break. Learn to not get disappointed when plans change and go with the flow.Sometimes it sucks and sometimes you just have to look forward to winter. Being a farmer can be tough on your feelings when the days are long and you don't have much sleep and you aren't feeling loved. You have to learn to appreciate the small moments together! It takes a strong-willed person that farms and ranches.Just spending time together can make a big difference.

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