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The Vigor2110 combines compatibility with cable modem Internet (from Virginmedia) and other Ethernet fed Internet connections together with performance, features and price into an attractive, reliable and easy-to-use product, with the pedigree and thoughtful design Dray Tek are renowned for.

Wireless (Wi Fi) and Vo IP equipped models further enhance the flexibility of the router and outgoing VPN makes it ideal as a teleworker router for your home VPN link to your main office. It's a very good product and, based on the opinions of thousands of PC Pro readers, should be reliable too.

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For example, an office may wish to block access to social networking or other company-time wasting sites or a home user might want to block adult sites from their children Global View covers 64 separate categories which you can select as blocked or permitted.

Every time one of your users attempts to access a site, the router's automatically queries the central Global View server to ascertain its classification. If a site is blocked by Global View, according to the categories you have selected, instead of the requested web page, a warning message is displayed to the user (you can customise the message).

Using Internet Explorer, you can access, read and write the contents of the USB drive.

The NAS facility uses any FAT16 or FAT32 formatted device (includes USB memory sticks, USB hard drives etc.) The Vigor 2710 Series also features Web Content Filtering, allowing you to block web sites or content by keyword matching, content file type or by using Dray Tek's new Global View site cetegorisation system (subject to subscription).

Dray Tek Web Filtering allows you to block web content in three main ways: Features 1,3 and 4 above are included with the router.

Feature 2 is included but requires an annual subscription to the external server which keeps a real-time constantly updated database of web sites. In Keyword Matching you can specify a list of either banned (blacklist)) or permitted sites (whitelist).By adding an additional Vigor 2110 wireless model, you can expand the wireless range using WDS (in repeater mode).For increased range/coverage, Dray Tek have a range of directional aerials (see 'accessories').(Note : Dray TEL is operated independently of Dray Tek Corp.).You can use any other Vo IP providers too, as long as they are "SIP compliant".The Dray Tek Vigor 2110 Series routers are designed to be the ideal cable-broadband sharing and firewall device for to the So Ho (Small Office / Home) user.

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