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It's the Best Week Ever, which here at LWSL means our biggest sale of the entire year!

we realize there is no way you can purchase property there in the Philippines … ”Hi Henry, now you’ve been in Philippines and have got to know the place better, what have been your experiences or you’ve heard from others about owning a business or starting a business in Philippines? Henry: I’ve been running a bit behind in answering my reader mail so I figured I’d respond to two questions on the same topic here; business in the Philippines.

anyway I was interested in your previous piggery and now your land in Bohol…

I won’t go into all the details of what changed my mind but suffice it to say that for the last three decades I’ve been a full-fledged believer in owning your own business. But I do believe that the challenges and rewards make it a noble pursuit to make a mark in the free market exchanging goods or services for a net profit. I still believe that for most people, starting a business here is not a good idea.

For one thing, running a business in any country is full of challenges.

This helps me prioritize my cleaning activities and to cut things out or add things as necessary.

My “Control Center:” I don’t use a wide variety of cleaning supplies, and I have never been that picky about brands.SEND ME MY WORKBOOK A great speed cleaning routine can help you quickly clean the house!Whether you’re doing touch-ups between deep cleans, or scrambling to get ready for unexpected company, our Speed Cleaning Checklist walks you through the steps. I’ll share my thoughts, for better or worse and leave it up to you to decide what you want to do when you get here.I’ve spoken with both expats and local Filipinos about business here and these are the things that I will share here.I used to use a lot of commercial products, including the disposable wipes, but I have slowly transitioned to using mainly these homemade green & thrifty cleaning products.

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