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Last Saturday he was driving around the city looking for clients when he noticed a couple leaving a café. The guy would never haggle and would pay what Andrew asked as he wanted to fuck his girlfriend as soon as possible… The minute they sat on the back seat of the car the guy put his hand under the girl’s skirt. For the third day he had been staying near her house… (Read More…) Popularity: 3% The divorced lady is really crazy for sex, she’ll do anything to get a fat cock all the way down her pussy and she can’t wait for her pussy to be fucked…

He suddenly stopped close to them and thus made other taxi drivers angry who had been waiting for clients for long already. She just smiled apologetically and told Andrew her address. Being a recently divorced 34 year old woman, I was looking for some fun with no special conditions or commitments. As I was shopping at our local groceries store, I had the pleasure of being waited on by the most beautiful and so handsome man, Ronald, I had ever seen.

It was almost dusk by the time we were done, dinner was done and all was peaceful and quiet.

We all sat by the fire, the neighboring campers had joined us as well; they were a family of 4 – father, mother and 2 sons.

She was so interested that didn’t see I was looking at her. Many of the beaches near Saint Tropez are nudist beaches.

Later I managed to find out what made her so exited. (Read More…) Popularity: 5% Two friends decide to get a girl drunk and push their horny cocks into her willing pussy, I am sure, we’ve all been there, done that, haven’t you every tried to get a girl wasted and then fuck her? (Read More…) Popularity: 3% The cab driver sure has his lucky day, the chick asks him to drive her to a particular destination and offers him an unusual kind of payment, read and enjoy, it’s going to be really hot!

After a few beers, of which I had some too, thanks to Andy, the little ones and the moms went to the RV to sleep. The neighbor, Justin was around 30 and getting a little drunk.

Becky and I started to giggle at what he was saying, Andy moved closer to our blanket and was joining in our laughter.

I was trying to pay attention to what he was saying, but all I could wonder is how huge his cock must be.

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