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It added a bunch of new features to its service, updated its look, and improved security.

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It’s why the company first tried to acquire Snapchat, and, once rebuffed, invested heavily in cloning its most distinctive features.

Houseparty’s continued growth — it is currently a top 200 app in Apple’s US App Store, according to market research firm App Annie — all but guaranteed Facebook would explore copying it.

Details about how Bonfire works could not be learned, though one person described it as essentially a clone of Houseparty.

If that’s the case, the launch of Bonfire could pose a significant challenge for Rubin’s team.

The app took off among teenagers, and by November 2016 it had 1.2 million users spending 20 million minutes a day using it.

For Facebook, few competitive threats are as worrisome as a new social network growing quickly among teenagers.What it can’t do is group video calling, which isn’t so bad when you consider that other mega popular apps such as, the option to not include group video calling is clearly a business decision.And it’s in keeping with Viber’s overall video calling ethos, which seems to treat video calling as an add-on to one-on-one messaging and group chat. No custom backgrounds, or even silly avatars and masks. And if your connection isn’t humming along at optimum speed, the whole conversation quickly falls into lags, pixelation, and the dreaded green screen.Should it overtake Houseparty, it would represent the second time in as many years that a Life On Air innovation is squashed by larger competitors.(Houseparty declined to comment.) At the same time, Facebook’s track record with cloned products has been mixed.“We don’t have anything to share at this time,” a Facebook spokeswoman said.

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