Usa 40 plus dating group

Comments: I enjoy people, good down to earth honest working people.

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Comments: I have no involuntary control of my bladder, never have my entire life, so I leak when I am asleep, tired, or not paying attention.

It bothered me when I was younger, but not anymore. I enjoy doing things outside, camping, boats, swimming, and others.

I've been wearing diapers for a few years now occasional wet my bed.

I spend so much time thinking about wetting, I'll just look for another gay male bedwetter.

If their is someone out their who wnats to be my friend please email me or if you have Yahoo instant meassenger here is my address for that to. The cause of my bed wetting hasn't been said for sure.

But the doctor thinks it's partly caused from a back injury and party caused by my post tramatic stress caused by abuse I got as a child as well as a few other possible causes.

I am pretty inexperienced in life other then school and college and I actualy enjoy being in diapers now.

Comments: I want to meet a friend that lives near New Hampshire that I can meet and talk with in person. If you want to talk and hang out email me [email protected] Need advise though on a mattress that I can fold up and travel with but will keep my wetting from public knowledge.

Protection Used: I am kept in thick cloth diapers with plastic pants and am diapered every night after supper and changed just before bed.

I have a plastic sheet on my bed with a draw sheet in case I leak Comments: I am interested in meeting anyone that can relate to my situation and maybe help me to find that I am not alone in this.

If the area you want is not listed below, that's because there are no current listings for people in that area. I am interested in talking with any age bed wetter, mostly the young ones.

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