Updating to word 2016

If you are still running Microsoft Office 2013 and would like to keep it that way, here is how you can prevent the upgrade.

This option will use on any Windows machine running Office.

To download the Microsoft Office 2016 uninstaller, click this Fix it link (direct download from Microsoft).

Then open the file, click Next to let the tool scan your system, select Apply this fix, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the removal of Microsoft Office 2016.

On the next page, select Additional install options at the bottom.

On the final page, pick your Language and Version, then click the red Install button to download the installer. Note that we don’t know for how long this option will be available.

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To open the registry, press the keyboard shortcut Windows key R, enter regedit into the Run menu, press Enter, and confirm with Yes.

Now navigate to the following location: Alternatively, download an easy fix from Microsoft that will implement this registry change and restart your computer for it to come into effect.

Microsoft has also provided a guide on how to manually uninstall Microsoft Office 2016 or Office 365.

The process for downloading Microsoft Office 2013 depends on your Office 365 subscription.

Browsing the Microsoft forums trying to find a way to downgrade to Microsoft Office 2013, you could get the impression that you’re out of luck.

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