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You could even have two sets of AAs in parallel and boost that capacity to 4000 - 6000 ma.An added bonus from rechargeable AAs is that you can take them out of the Solar Charger, charge them up or replace them, and be on your way.For instance if your battery has a capacity of 2000 ma we can only use a solar cell that puts out 200 ma or less of current. I like to connect my 1N914 diode directly to the Positive solder tab on the solar panel.

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Solder the diode's Positive side (non black diode) to the Positive Solder Point on the solar cell. (In the photo it's the red wire.)Solder a wire to the Negative solder point on the solar cell.

(In the picture it's the black wire.)Then tape it up for protection.

Great, but a bit expensive to make and not a very simple project for the weekend DIY person. If you're looking for something pre made, especially for camping or emergencies, you should try out one of our Folding USB Solar Cells.

Well luckily for us I know how to make one for under $20 that is better in nearly every way and also completely fits into an Altoids Tin. They're inexpensive and much much more powerful than what you'll find here.

2) You can buy a premade circuit off ebay, or even off my website Brown Dog What I really find annoying is that on all the commercial solar USB chargers I see their internal battery is only 1000 ma. A rechargeable AA battery has between 2000 - 3000 ma of current in it. We need to use rechargeable batteries for this project.

They cost around and work with most everything. I prefer Ni Mh AAs over everything else because they're easy to find, cheap, and reliable. Since we're using two AAs in this project our charger will have 2000 - 3000 ma of current.I've been reading a bunch of blogs this fine Earth Day morning and have noticed that most of them are posting little write ups about green solar powered USB gadget chargers. I don't think I've seen any for less than , and I've not seen one that really suits my style.Instructables has quite a few guides on how to make Solar USB Chargers, including the very well done guide on how to combine a Lady Ada Minty Boost circuit with a solar lithium ion battery. I've done an updated version called Solar USB Kit 2.0 and a more rugged version called Lithium Heavy Duty 2.0.So the charging circuit I use also has a couple of LEDs on it.These in no way affect the USB charging and in fact are annoying.I remove them because they're useless and a waste of power. Anyways, if you've bought a cheap charger to use you have to take it out of it's plastic, and disconnect any random wires or battery packs. If you want to be super green you should use some super capacitors for this project.

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