Updating core data database

This led us to pioneering “linkable data”―connecting unrelated pieces of information to produce a new generation of algorithmic analytics and predictive modeling.In the world of data collection, order is everything.

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Where do you go when you need access to the most comprehensive, current and accurate real estate data available? Originally part of First American, we were launched as a separate company in 2010.

First American pioneered the process of collecting public record and proprietary data more than 50 years ago, a legacy we carry forward today.

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It also allows for interactive text logging or image plotting (in addition to graph plotting).

No need to do your own loops in a separate thread, the package takes care of it, just give the update frequency you wish.

More than 600,000 users access our property and homeowner database annually, including sales agents, appraisers, brokerages and multiple listing organization.

Whether you need data to prepare a presentation, map out an investment proposal, evaluate a property site or launch a lead-generation campaign, we can pinpoint what you need.

Given the heavily regulated nature of much our data, our cleansing process includes making sure that information complies with appropriate regulatory and client standards.

We protect our data with physical and digital security measures.

Ongoing security procedures include security audits, regular system testing, rigorous staff training and continuously updated business-continuity planning.

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