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In the summer of 2015, I sought comment from his ministry about this troubling finding.

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Two intjs dating

Ravi’s Christian publishers have taken the Cambridge ruse a step further.

Despite the fact that Ravi’s sabbatical was a mere 2-3 months long and at a place that was not even part of the University of Cambridge, they routinely refer to their author as “Cambridge educated.” This did not stop Ravi from telling a Christian journalist that the “senior research fellow” position (which we now know was merely honorary) is “a credential with which I work in the academy” and at “academic forums,” So both Wycliffe and the university confirm that Ravi has held no formal teaching position with them.

What about the fact that he had been a “visiting scholar at Cambridge University”? Ridley is in the town of Cambridge, England, and has affiliations with the University of Cambridge, as, say, Babcock College has with Harvard. While at Ridley, Ravi attended lectures and classes at the University.

He converted this into the impressive claim that he had been invited to be a “visiting scholar at Cambridge University.” I filed several Freedom of Information requests with Cambridge and learned that attending classes at the University while on sabbatical at Ridley Hall would not make one a Cambridge “visiting scholar.” Ravi Zacharias, it turns out, had never been a visiting scholar at their university.

His Citizen Audit entry shows his ministry bringing in $25 million yearly. Zacharias presents his impeccable academic credentials in a way that starkly differentiates him from ordinary circuit-riding preachers, and he makes sure we know that he’s got the resumé to go with the suit, littering his lectures, writings and publicity materials with references to famous universities with which he claims to be professionally connected. Christians worldwide hail him as God’s answer to the secularist cancer that has infested the academy. “Centuries before to be so specific in prophecy” could only be evidence of “the supernatural” in the Book of Daniel, he thundered.

The argument was compelling in large part because it came from a man whose academic credentials were as good as anybody’s.

He has a Bachelor’s degree and a non-academic Master of Divinity degree, both from obscure religious institutions, and has racked up numerous “honorary doctorate degrees” over the years from supportive Christian schools. Furthermore, Ravi has routinely failed to disclose that his doctorates are merely honorary and has resisted calls to make his official bio clearer in this regard.[xi] Ravi’s publisher bios also describe him as a “recognized authority” in philosophy.

However, I have found no peer-reviewed scholarly publications by Ravi Zacharias nor evidence that he has ever presented a paper at a scholarly conference.

Terry Wardle, told me that this was a non-academic position. Dennis Hollinger, now President of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, described the “center” as “not a center in terms of a think tank, more of an opportunity for students to work with Ravi.” So there was an informal “center,” but never a “Department of Evangelism and Contemporary Thought” at ATS, nor a chair of that department.

Ravi simply invented the department and made himself its chair, and thereby scored for himself a prestigious academic title that he never held..

Ravi, it seems, is a complete academic non-entity masquerading as a polished scholar.

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