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In fact, it is estimated that more than 40% of those addicted to sex also have some other underlying issue.

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There are professionals, however, who have vast experience treating sexual addictions, and these professionals will likely recognize the following common signs and symptoms associated with sex addiction: These criteria parallel much of the criteria for a substance use disorder too, and many behavioral health treatment programs, dual-diagnosis facilities, and programs that provide medication-assisted therapy for addictions may prove invaluable as you begin your recovery.

These programs tend to be readily available and are typically covered by insurance.

If you or a loved one can identify with at least 3 of these side effects, it may be time to seek help for a sexual addiction.

An addiction to sex does not only affect the person who is addicted.

Some of the theories about why you may become addicted to sex include: The research into how sexual disorders emerge is still evolving and though we know more than we did before, there is still much to discover.

A small amount of research does exist on the neurobiology of sex addiction, however.

Non-paraphilic behaviors refer to sexual fantasies or behaviors that a society deems “normal”, whereas paraphilic behaviors refers to those fantasies and behaviors that are outside of what is considered normal or acceptable by society.

Some examples include: Because sex addiction shares many of the same characteristics as other addictions recognized by the DSM-5, the criteria for disordered behavior is the same.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy have both shown promising results for those going through a sexual addiction recovery program: Dual-diagnosis programs could also be helpful, since it is not uncommon for someone to be addicted to sex and to also have an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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