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We are not only listing the existing venues, but also the places which have already been closed down for various reasons, still being listed on other websites and printed gay-guides as well.

Turkish Gay Culture Turkey has got a traditional bisexual or hetero-flexible culture taking its root from the history.

Learn about different types of radiometric dating, such as carbon dating.

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The classic gay relationship is between real gay men and bi-curios men.

In this culture the bisexual men would never consider themselves as gay - or even bisexual, and the gay-partners are mostly expected to be more feminine/queer.

Safety and Warnings According to the statistics Istanbul is listed among the safest metropolises in the world.

But naturally, there are some risks in gay life as in other big cities of the world.

Emirates flies to 12 US cities from Dubai, but had to cut flights to five of those cities in May as demand tailed off following the ban.

Both Emirates and Turkish Airlines tweeted their new status.

Your bill can be up to several thousand Euros depending how far you follow your basic instincts instead of your logic.

There are few clubs/bars like that but their hustlers are always around who are said to be taking commissions from them.

Naturally, you also need to be careful a little if you date someone via internet or gay dating applications, just like anywhere else in the world Avoid some tourist-hustlers who usually hang around Taksim and sometimes around Sultanahmet districts.

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