Truth lies and online dating

The truth is you don’t marry just your spouse; you get her family as a package deal!

Don’t kid yourself and think the outlawed in-laws don’t matter.

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The truth is you can restore that loving feeling with a number of changes.

One is to make five positive statements to your spouse for every negative one.

They are confused about gender roles and responsibilities.

Submission is a misunderstood and often abused concept. On two occasions, God revealed His will on earth concerning gender--in the Garden and in the life of Christ.

So if you want to strengthen your marriage or stop the slippery slide to divorce, first check your thoughts and ask, “Are my thoughts reflective of the secular culture or the Bible?

” You may be surprised how far your thinking has strayed from the Bible's restorative theme.Pay attention to the red flags you see during the dating relationship, especially the more serious ones, such as drinking too much, violent temper, promise breaking, etc.Chances are these things won't improve but worsen after the honeymoon is over. You need compatible styles that work for both people.If you and your partner stay intimately connected to God, your marriage will reflect that intimacy. Recognize the cultural lies that influence you and counteract them with biblical truth.No marriage is beyond the probability of divorce but you can be proactive in preventing it.This requires a willingness to look at your behavior and work towards being more like Christ.

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