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Also if you do get any problems their techies are available 24x7.

You need to keep it healthy and virus free, so it won't hurt to have this virus-zappin' program at your disposal. E-mail message or attachment from an unknown source? The AVG interface is simple; you can view a list of known viruses and review the results from every scan. Security Labs, which is one of the new vendors, is offering security software for FREE.

Use it to scan your system for any hidden abnormalities. The shield will make sure new viruses don't come on board, either. Gladiator Anti Virus GAV is a professional virus and trojan scanner.

Last word: If I were you I would go for KASPERSKY .... So I would actually go for anything other than those two.

I really like NOD32, and have had positive experiences with AVG Free, Panda, PC-Cillin, Antivir.

I do back all my info up, but I need to know what is the best product out there. I have been using this for years but have seen no problem if u keep updating the latest updates.

Dear bigdg, What you have asked is a very general question.

People says that it is system hog, but not for me, some time, if it conflict with some other devices or other device/this is not installed properly then it might create some problem, but then norton help/support is aviable for that and it worked always for me.

also with Anto virus u need to have firewall, adware/spyware and a registry cleaner.

if u keep running firewall and antivirus all the time.

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