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10/20/80 – Steven Avery is charged with two counts of burglary for breaking into a bar, stealing two packs of beer, two cheese sandwiches and in quarters. 11/23/82 – Steven Avery pleads “no contest” for animal cruelty for dousing the family cat with gasoline and oil and tossing it over an open fire.

09/20/84 – Sandra Morris, Steven Avery’s cousin who is married to Deputy Bill Morris, files a complaint against Steven Avery for indecent exposure & for having sex with his wife during the daytime on his lawn.

Deputy Sheriff Judy Dvorak, the deputy assigned to Penny’s case and a close friend of Sandra Morris, states this description sounds like Steven Avery.

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09/03/97 – The Wisconsin Court of Appeals rules against Steven Avery.

10/03/97 – The Wisconsin Supreme Court rules against Steven Avery.

2001 – The Wisconsin Innocence Project agrees to take Steven Avery’s case.

04/03/02 – Judge Hazelwood grants the Wisconsin Innocence Project permission to conduct more advanced DNA testing in Steven Avery’s case.

01/05/85 – Steven Avery takes his now-famous mug shot.

07/29/85 – Manitowoc County police have been conducting surveillance on Gregory Allen for 13 days, but are called away for several hours during the afternoon for another case.He is placed in a cell by himself, not allowed a phone call, not given access to an attorney, and not listed on the jailed list – based on instructions from Sheriff Tom Kocourek.Public Defender Reese Evans receives a call from Lori (Steven Avery’s wife) that Steven is in prison. 08/01/85 – Even though she states she could not see because her eyes are still swollen from the assault, Penny Ann Beerntsen is told to sign the incident report prepared by Judy Dvorak.August – Manitowoc County Detective Thomas Bergner tells Sheriff Kocourek about the lack of surveillance on Gregory Allen from 07/29/85.Three women in the DA’s office tell DA Vogel that they thought Gregory Allen committed the crime…not Steven Avery.Avery claims it was in response to her “spreading rumors” about him.

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