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strata found here were layers of trash deliberately hauled in for construction purposes and used their own trash mound.

This meant that when constructing a new mound, the most recent trash, at the top, was used first and then a little older and a little older and so on until the stratigraphy was essentially upside down In excavating south india, found evidence of roman artifacts in the form of pottery and coins.

The age of the specimen is the total radiation received divided by the annual dose of radiationo began supervising the surveying of the Somerset Coal Canal near Bath.

While engaged in this project, Smith noted the regular succession of the rock strata.

this not only helped to document roman trade with india at that time, but it was also helpful because datable Roman material might be found together with Indian artifacts of unknown age.

the coins in particular allowed layers of stratigraphy within the site to be dated correctlyrequires dividing the excavation area into a grid and digging in small squares.

In developing a type of map showing outcrops in block, he established a standard for geological cartography that lasted until the 1900's.o Evidences of living floors, where human ancestors had livedo Distribution of artifacts within the site is essentially meaningless because it reflets river action, rather than patterns of human activity.o But Still useful for making comparisons between the artifact assemblage as a whole and those from other strata or other sites.

o Not a pristine living floor Overall important in showing that sites are rarely perfectthe result when sediemnt is unearthed by human or natural actions and moved elsewhere in such a way that the latest material is deposited on the bottom of the new sediment and progressively earlier material is deposited higher and higher in the stratigraphyexcavated by Florence Hawley ellis.

Archaeological interpretations of the Chaco road system are divided between an economic purpose and a symbolic, ideological role linked to ancestral Puebloan beliefs.economic:facilitating the easy trade/transport of goods.

long distance commercial relations Chaco had with other regions.

Since rock doesn't pass electrical current as well as soil does, measuring levels of resistivity can identify subsurface features like buried foundation walls.a remote sensing technique in which radar pulses directed into the ground reflect back to the surface when they strike features or interfaces within the ground, showing the presence and depth of possible buried features.

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