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Her past with Ron Troupe is unclear, they are possibly estranged (Troupe having resurfaced in the current storylines, working again with the Daily Planet).

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While the exact number of alien races whose powers are duplicated by the suit are unknown, Kryptonian powers are among the powerset, as she displayed the ability to use Heat Vision shortly after her recovery by Sam Lane's forces when she was reborn.

She confirms that she possesses super hearing when she murders a scientist working for Lane, though she does so with some form of energy blast from her hand, a power that is not among the abilities of a Kryptonian.

In the story, Lucy, since the moment she was born, has felt overshadowed by her big sister Lois.

Lucy always felt that Lois outperformed her, overshadowed her and was more loved by their father.

In The New 52, a reboot of the DC Comics universe, Lucy Lane is first seen where she was picked up from the train station by Lois after Clark Kent was unable to fulfill his promise to Lois to do it himself.

Later to make up for it, Clark accompanies her, Lois, Johnathan Carrol, and Morgan Edge to the most expensive restaurant in town but is later forced to leave her with the check due to his duties as Superman.

He hates all his daughters' beaus." Sam Lane eventually overcame his anger when Lucy and Ron were married and their child was born.

After a long disappearance from the principal storylines, Lucy Lane returns in the one shot Superman: New Krypton.

Lucy befriended and later became roommates with Olivia after they met while white water rafting. Olivia became ill and Doctor Obeshian gave her drugs to take, the drugs having secretly been taken from an alien fungus which would mutate the user into a shapeshifting creature.

Lucy and Olivia both took the pills resulting in the former turning into a wolf like creature and the latter into a giant insect-like creature.

Bitter and angrier than in her former appearances, she still blames Lois for General Sam Lane's apparent death during the war against Imperiex.

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