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Morocco, like the remainder of the Maghreb, was one of the favorite territories for Jewish missionary activities.

The Jews, together with those whom they succeeded in converting, appear to have originally been numerous and particularly powerful.

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It was situated near the present-day town of Sefrou.

Other tribes, such as the Barghwāṭa, were also heavily Judaized.

have been historically part of Jewry’s quest for hegemony and domination in the affairs of nations. Michael Jones,’ “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History,” the author outlines through a tour of world history, Jewish Christian society from the times of Christ to the present day.

Today, acting as a hostile elite, American Jewry’s political agenda is to bring about a “New American Order” by overthrowing the White Christian power bloc and replacing it with multi-culturalism wherein Jewry gains the upper hand through rivalries and divisions between racial groups.

The earliest epigraphic evidence on the presence of Jews in Morocco, however, comes from the second century It consists essentially of inscriptions on tombstones found in the ruins of the Roman town of Volubilis, between Fez and Meknès , and another inscription discovered in Salé.

The latter is in Greek, while one of the inscriptions of Volubilis is in Hebrew.

Indeed, “pluralism,” now accepted as academia’s description of America’s cultural makeup, works to the Jew’s advantage by which he hides behind the cover of a diverse national complexion, while pulling the strings of political influence.

The watershed of American history — the critical turning point — was the passing of The Open Immigration Law of 1965, of which, its chief proponent, Senator Jacob Javits, proclaimed at its passage, “Open The Flood Gates!

In today’s Western world, where “democracy” reigns supreme, preventing Jewry from civil rule is impossible.

Democracy, a Zionist institution wherein Jewish money and media control determine election results, is an open field for continual and growing Jewish influence. What will motivate and initiate its flowering into a national force? Watch for it, for it is bound to grow into a mighty tree…

It is told that these Jews, together with their Moroccan coreligionists, plotted to conquer or deliver Spain into the hands of the more tolerant Muslims (694).

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