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For some, the fears go away without a second thought. That is the main reason a boyfriend can become a controlling nightmare.It is hard to pinpoint the answer to why this behavior exists, but, if you feel as if you are being controlled, being able to identify the behavior is your first step to freedom.

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“I tell people this is a great job to have, because I get thrown into things that are totally unknown. And just like when I'm dancing, I'm not afraid to make mistakes.” Smart. Together, we celebrate what makes each person special as we work together to challenge the status quo.

Join us and you’ll be part of a culture that prizes innovation and works with uncompromising integrity.

Your managers at every level are committed to their roles as talent stewards who help guide and nurture your development. Our business presence and operations are expanding all across the globe, exposing you to colleagues and team members with widely divergent experiences and viewpoints.

We want you to reach your highest level of potential just as you help us reach ours. We earn and give trust to one another through truthfulness, integrity, active engagement and collaboration with colleagues.

That's also what we face in cyber security." What kind of strategy makes sense for a company that’s out to hire the most talented, energetic, intelligent and passionate people on the planet? Then provide the tools, the resources and the autonomy that empower them to drive results.

We’re going to challenge you to find new and better ways of performing within a culture that’s driven to drive change.

You’ll know that your contributions are helping to drive affordability, accessibility and quality of care for millions while you’re also helping shape the way health care performs in the future.

As part of our compassion-driven team, you’ll be part of on-going efforts in communities across the world to give back and make a difference.

This is where each employee maps their own career direction, gathers the resources, mentoring and training help they need and drives their own journey within a business landscape like no other.

Our growth in product lines, services, revenues and geography translates into abundant career opportunities for a team of people who number more than 200,000 strong. Working here puts you on a team of high energy, passionate people who have taken United Health Group to Fortune 6 levels of performance and growth.

So we’ve shaped a results-driven culture that relies heavily on setting goals, measuring results, and simply reaching higher.

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