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Pederson and the Hall of Fame quarterback sneaked away from the team to a golf course to play nine holes.In the middle of their outing, Pederson received the call from Favre’s wife, Deanna, that Favre’s father had died.Even Eagles fans appeared to enjoy Romo’s broadcasting talents, though a joke he told during the Birds Week 7 match-up against Washington fell completely flat.

“Once in a while you’re going to say something you wish you could reel back in.

Since being hired by CBS Sports to join their top broadcast team, Romo has earned near universal praise from fans, athletes and sports media figures alike for his energetic narration and his psychic-like ability to predict plays.

“It’s number one and it’s getting bashed because the ratings are down,” Michaels said.

“Two or three years ago, the ratings were so spectacular that there had to be a little bit of a diminishment at some point.” Michaels cited players’ protests against racial injustice during the national anthem as one of a myriad reasons ratings might be down.

Hosmer and Mc Donnell both posted pictures of themselves early Friday morning on Instagram in a coordinated effort to let Kansas City know they finally had their very own celebrity power couple.

Hosmer is one of two Kansas City Royals not leading his position in All-Star voting.

He also said he thought Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin “would be terrific.” Even good broadcasters can have bad nights.

During s Week 6 broadcast, Michaels apologized on air for an errant joke comparing the Giants to former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who is accused by dozens of women of sexual harassment and sexual assault. It’s amazing that doesn’t happen more often,” Michaels said.

In fact, he predicted Romo’s success four years before he was even hired.

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