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” As a member of an often-overlooked minority in the US, it was hard to build up the confidence to go after anyone, especially someone who belonged to a different race. By the time I met Brynn, I had already dated a few women in the States and wasn’t as clueless as I was when I first landed (thank God). (Nothing like a failed relationship in a foreign land to teach you that love and heartbreak are an international ordeal—goes through them.) Like a number of today’s couples, Brynn and I met through that modern facilitator of romance: Tinder. From the start, everything was pretty straightforward between us: I liked her, she liked me, neither of us played games.I often psyched myself out by thinking, “I’ve never dated a white/black/Latina girl before! ” For me, a clueless Filipino male in his early 20s then, dating in the States was like immediately playing a game you had just bought on “expert” level—even if you knew squat about it. I’m happy to announce that I am now with a great girl. I had been on Tinder for just a little while then following a bad breakup; meanwhile, Brynn had just moved from Florida to Seattle where I’m based for a change of scenery. Our courtship was nothing like the traditional months-long that’s common in the Philippines, because things were mutual from the get-go. We kissed on our first date, we got matching semicolon tattoos on our second date, and after a couple of weeks of seeing each other, we decided to become “Facebook official.” Brynn and I come with differences, of course—one only needs to look at the color of our skin, hair, and eyes to see that. And though, my DNA is supposed to contain the best of both worlds, I grew up in Germany, lived in a French home and went to a European school.

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But true love is about embracing one another’s culture. But on the other hand, as frustrating as it can sometimes be to suddenly have to remember the names of several dozens of titas, titos (aunts and uncles that is) and cousins, it is a cultural difference that I’ve learned to value as I’ve always hoped for a partner that would treasure, value and ultimately take care of his family. Well girls, I found my Filipino man to be far more courteous than the European ones I’ve dated. He would call me everyday just to see how I was doing. I was brought up to be strong and capable of living without a man’s help.

The act of courting a girl is far more romantic and reminds you of the old school of chivalry, which I honestly thought was nothing more than an old Hollywood myth. Were Filipinos considering women as inferior beings? The woman plays an important role in the Filipino society, reason also for the internally matriarchal system.

It therefore took me months to realize that my independence from my family wasn’t a concept D.

could easily understand, let alone identify himself with it. Little niceties but I must say, for an emancipated and independent woman like me, it felt weird suddenly being confronted with pre-gender-equality chivalry.

During the first months of us knowing together, he was at his best behavior. Men are brought up to protect and respect their mothers to the utmost and transfer this behavior into their relationship.

In the spirit of always being the most friendly and courteous, the Filipino men seem to avoid the word “no”.

I knew from the moment I met her that I had found someone on the same wavelength, because our conversations were effortless. Besides our matching sense of humor, we also had stimulating intellectual conversations. But the differences only serve to enhance our relationship, mostly by enriching our conversations, stories, insights, and perspectives.

Instead of being a cause for quarrels, our enriched outlooks bring our social, political, and ideological conversations to a whole new level, which is great because we both like intellectual conversations.

Over the years, I have lost my temper numerous times and have yet to understand why it seems so difficult to give out clear answers. I spent most of my life in a culture that considers punctuality one of the highest virtues. I can’t help but feel nervous and stressed whenever the clock ticks and I know I won’t be able to be on time.

In Western cultures, a clear “no” is definitely less hurtful or frustrating than a half-meant “yes”. In Germany being late meant arriving at the said set time. With unpredictable Manila traffic that can change a 10-minute trip into a 1-hour journey, I had to learn that my punctuality was going to be challenged.

He had ambitions and his head on his shoulders, but without taking himself too seriously. I grew up in a melting pot so you could assume it’ll be easy to live a multicultural relationship. I’m a strong believer of individualism and often refuse to generalize.

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