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Your child may benefit from an evaluation by a psychiatrist or you may just need some reassurance.

Consider three basic rules of thumb: functioning, feeling, and family.

Are the problem behaviors of your child interfering with his daily functioning? Do the demands of your son’s difficulties outweigh the needs of other members of the family or even you?

This symptom is one that would interfere with your normal daily responsibilities, so your loved ones, friends or coworkers would be able to identify it with little difficulty, as should you.

This may be a result of decreased energy, fatigue and lethargy, or it may occur independently of those symptoms.

Or a person can be what is more commonly thought of as lethargic - spending hours just sitting in a chair.

The person may not be in a totally unresponsive, catatonic state, but is simply uninterested in doing anything, and feeling physically and mentally heavy.

Children and adolescents with bipolar disorders experience severe mood and behaviors changes that are extreme and represent a major change from their typical mood and behavior.

When are the symptoms severe enough to warrant evaluation and, potentially, diagnosis?

Does he feel overwhelmed handling normal activities other kids his age engage in?

Does your child worry about things other kids don’t even think about?

In either circumstance, you and those around you should notice if your level of activity begins to drop - for example, if you normally do the laundry and simply begin to leave it undone or if you go to a diet group three times a week and then just stop going. It's a common symptom of depression: lying awake worrying, unable to get comfortable, feeling tense or just having your mind race.

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