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She attended Flagg Grove Elementary School and used to sing in a church choir.

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We’ll never know how anyone could watch her stuffing her face until her lips were covered in goo as she tried to spit out anti-Trump, anti-Nazi venom while choking down another bite—even Lucille Ball was never crueler to herself for a joke’s sake—and imagine that Fey was earnestly proposing this as a good coping strategy.

Not only was it satire, but it was pretty damn brutal satire in the bargain.

But she’s the only one who got to talk while she scarfed more of it down.

More subtly, her earlier instruction to Colin Jost, who didn’t partake—"Don’t yell it at the Klan, Colin, yell it into the cake"—took on a sneaky double meaning once you remembered that the cake was decorated with the Stars and Stripes.

Her parents were Zelma Priscilla and Floyd Richard Bullock who worked alongside the sharecroppers on the farm where she was born.

As a child, she lived with her religious grandparents Alex and Roxanna Bullock when her parents went to work during World War II.The smartasses who were quick to trot out unflattering Marie Antoinette comparisons seemed unable to fathom that turning “Let them eat cake” into “Let us eat cake” might be kind of the point.After all, the odds are awfully good that Fey has heard of Marie Antoinette.can they stay together (and keep it a secret) until the show airs???this week, Tina Knowles-Lawson gave the latest update on her growing family while giving a tour of the WACO Theater in Los Angeles.Since the likes of Fey don’t feel remotely threatened (and would sound crazy if they pretended to be), they aren’t under any real pressure to convert their anger into action.

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