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This will not happen in a week, it might not happen in a month, and it could take more than a year until you begin to feel like yourself.

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b.) Would changing my medication have any baring on the symptoms? It took a few years for me to turn this situation around. If you have brain fog, come up with systems for streamlining and organizing your keys, you bag, your to-do lists, and for managing important information. While addictive for some, it has not been for me, and works like a charm. There are so many approaches for this including exercise, talk therapy, taking anti-anxiety medication.

c.) Would you recommend changing my med level – why or why not? Read more about this in my New York Times post ‘When Cancer Muddles The Mind‘.

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Trend #1: Crime Skyrockets As The Economy Plummets As unemployment goes up, so does crime.Here’s what not to do: Do not go into your endocrinology appointments weeping about your symptoms, asking your doc to take them away, or demanding your medication be changed. Sometimes your doctor is not going to be able to adjust your meds in a way that will make you feel better. It can be a very slow process accepting this reality. I’ve learned that none of these methods work too well. But once you accept the limitations of what your doctor can do, you can begin to explore practical ways in which you can help yourself. Traditionally, thyroid cancer patients have been kept extremely hyperthyroid as a long-term treatment goal (in other words very low TSH). Patients with different kinds of thyroid disease have different target goals for their hormone levels.Find out how our elite matchmaking service works and sign up today!

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