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He added: ‘I suggest that the only “non-crime” Sergeant Blackman committed will be found in his unfortunately-recorded choice of words, and yet what the judges and the public will never understand is that the horror of battle has a patois all of its own that those who have not experienced will find uncomfortable when quoted in the calm of a court room or on the pages of a newspaper.’Alix Quested, whose husband Major David Quested died in 1989 after fighting in Malaya in the 1950s and Brunei during the 1960s Indo-Malaysian conflict, offered £25 from her service widow’s pension and said: ‘I would have given ten times as much if I could’.‘I lived through the Blitz and the horrors inflicted by the Nazis on innocent people, but the Taliban and now ISIS are as bad, if not worse.

If they capture any of our soldiers, they torture them in the most sickening of ways.

No attempts to isolate or remove SCP-2085-1 are authorized until SCP-2085's containment implants can be effectively replicated.

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The guns used are full scale replicas of actual forces weapons.

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At the end of my trial, the Establishment lined up to portray me as evil, because it suited them … I have been made a scapegoat for all that went wrong there.’Now a campaign spearheaded by legendary thriller writer Frederick Forsyth is mounting a fresh legal appeal to free Blackman - known as ‘Marine A’ after a painstaking Mail investigation revealed that evidence that might have resulted in a lesser charge of manslaughter was ‘deliberately withheld’.

A high-flying colonel who was blocked from telling the truth to the court martial called it ‘a failure of moral courage by the chain of command’.

It was near the end of a horror-filled tour of Afghanistan in which seven fellow Marines had been killed and 40 more injured by the Taliban.

In his first interview, given in prison, Blackman, 41, told the Mail: ‘I made a split-second mistake, but I had been sent to a brutal battlefield to fight a war for my country.

Sir Menzies Campbell, former Liberal Democrat leader, said: ‘These were clearly very special circumstances, the nature of which it is very difficult to understand unless you find yourself in the same position as this man.’Sergeant Alexander Blackman – believed to be the only British serviceman ever convicted of murder on the battlefield – was locked up as a ‘political scapegoat’ for failings by top brass, say supporters.

Blackman was a highly experienced Marine destined for promotion when, on September 15, 2011, he led a patrol to check on a Taliban gunman who had been mortally wounded while attacking a British outpost in Helmand Province.

So players should be prepared to leave the site with a few marks and bruises.

Falklands campaign veteran: Lt Col Ewen Southby-Tailyour OBE (left) said he would do the same as Sgt Blackman in similar circumstances.

This has always been the case.‘I know of one case in the Falklands Campaign (I am sure there were others) when a mortally wounded Argentine was shot at Goose Green.

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