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What do sexy school uniforms, knee high stockings, and classroom detentions have in common?

They have naughty teen sluts that have nothing more than sex on the brain and can't wait until their teen pussies get fucked again.

Described as a plus-sized model, Ashley Alexiss is as confident and sexy as a woman comes, unafraid to flash her million-dollar smile for the camera while showing that curvy is champion.

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I get told I'm fat and obese one day and get told I'm too small to be considered plus-size another day. I don't condone it, but I also know I can't really control it. Sometimes, I have my fun and reply back to dick pics, asking the guy what their success rate was for getting a chick through the Internet with that.

It's really a lose/lose, so you have to really have a firm understanding of who you are. I mean, it's amazing the things I've heard and seen just in my DMs alone." "Then you have the other side, hate mail; which are usually from troll accounts.

Ashley Alexiss: "Getting into modeling was almost an accident.

I participated in the Miss Teen Massachusetts pageant and won Miss Congeniality and did a photoshoot shortly after.

They have some nerve going out with their cute asses and tight pussies.

In the words of Mr Gray to Mr Torrence, these girls need to be "corrected". If you like your teens fresh, not a day over 18, then you will love Fresh Outta High School.

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Being plus-size represents a variety of sizes and shapes and I do my best to spread that message, along with my message that 'Beauty is Not a Size.'" FHM: How Do You Keep Your Confidence Intact With All That? I laugh because I put it in the perspective that these people have enough time to make a troll account, check up on my life and then message me to try and bring me down.

Ashley Alexiss: "Keeping my confidence in check is always tricky because, as I said, it's a lose/lose if you focus on what people are saying. I'm more jealous that they have that kind of time to do that. " FHM: We Just Saw On Your Instagram That You're Engage, Breaking The Hearts Of Men Everywhere. Second, What Advice Would You Give Single Guys Looking For The Right Lady For Themselves? I love my Travis and everything that we have endured.

Once I heard the camera shutter, I just kind of knew this is what I wanted and set out to achieve success.

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