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Those who are looking for a traditional mirror can find one here.

Traditional downloads now use an automated load balancer to avoid confusion. Instead of just extracting the new files over your old ones, please remove all of your old files first before extracting the new ones.

It is a beautiful game, one of the, if not THE best first person shooters ever. But all this praise begs the question: why doesn’t Valve care? The average player base has fluctuated by hundreds, but it has remained relatively consistent at 40000 daily average players at once.

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It’s free to play, and there is a huge market to be found in its items.

Heck, even I’m guilty of spending a Steam card on tf2 for hats.

If you see Vapor modifying files on game launch, it is intended. It will let us take the data from any game mode and edit the map entities in order to combat problematic areas within our levels. You can toggle between showing killer location and victim location.

We will be collecting and processing a lot of data in the next beta release, which is approaching shortly. This allows us to immediately visualize areas that are prone to frequent camping.

I have met great friends, I have had incredible fun with this game, and this game is my most reliable source for pure entertainment.

I can always go back to TF2, and in some way, it always provides me with enjoyment.

It is the video game that I have the highest number of hours put into at 788.

I have spent over a month of real life hours on this game over the last 5 years.

It becomes a game of skilled movement and map awareness. The decrease happened in January, rather than May, which was when Overwatch came out.

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