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It was one of my father's old favourites I grew up listening to it through out my childhood and still do to this very day.

Right up until my mum passed away suddenly in 2003 , she always called me her little ray of sunshine, everytime I hear it , I smile and shed a tear for my mum, its a tear of happiness as to me that song shows that she loved me very muchi would have to say the Angels "Am i ever gonna see your face again" The min I hear that song it takes me back to my childhood ..teenage years where we new how to have fun ,and everyone new the words to this song ,go to a night out in bar doing karaoke and someone dos this song its almost like the Australian anthem everyone starts singing along its amazing ..

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It's been one of my favourite tracks since I was a kid, listening to it on the Christmas holidays, booming away on my tape player outside while I played under the sprinkler.

Land Down Under - it is all about Australia, sung by Australians, and in true Aussie fashion it has been accused of flogging part of its own music from someone else, creating many discussions and heated arguments around the darts table at the local Pub.

This long is special in so many ways because it brings a lot of emotions as well as thoughts. So every time I hear it on the radio it makes me think of him as I don't see him very much. IT takes me back to my younger days when me and all my mates we would all meet up on our pay day at the club for drinks and we all would sing to that song when it came on the jukebox. It's a brilliantly constructed song that describes the feeling of being away from the one you love; a song I can certainly relate to when my partner works away.

This song can be about a friend or family member that has a bad drug addiction, but does not want to admit it. Australian music artists have a knack to make songs that Australians can relate to and songs with meaningful lyrics.

Men at Work from Down Under because its become an immortalised classic symbolising Australian culture and its become a soundtrack that has aged like fine wine to be a popular song throughout time and is likely to remain a legendary hit for quite a while to come.

I like 'Run to Paradise' it doesn't matter where I am when I hear this song I will always start singing it & think one day I will run to paradise to live there & I did for 6 months, I lived in Fiji. It was the first Aussie rock and roll song I heard, and from that moment on, I was hooked on Aussie rock and roll music. Everything about it is so Australian down to the name of the band.

As of many others I recognize on the titles in the list above. Brings back alot of memories from growing up with my siblings we'd all sing as loud as we could was it was my mothers favourite song.now its still good as AFL's Westcoast Eagles play it on game day and you guessed it i'm a one eyed Eagles Fan!!! Its a song I rocked (and rolled) too back in my day at one of their concerts! its an epic Australian song that makes me recall the amazing night every time I hear it .

Eagle rock is a great Australian rock song as i used to sneak mums daddy cool cd into my room and listen to that song and that song only when i was a little bit younger and danced to it and also scratched the cd out by playing one song The nips are getting bigger - Mental As Anything. Think i even have a hand bag with their signatures on it lol I believe that Russell Morris' Van Diemen's Land song is the ultimate Great Australian Rock song.

It's special to me because it is written about Grafton, NSW and i am from the region. It puts you in the best mood and is an awesome Aussie rock song . I believe The Ultimate "Great Australian Rock Song", is Men At Work, Down Under. Whilst travelling overseas and this song comes on everyone starts singing and dancing in the street.

Also, the first concert I ever attended was Cold Chisel in Coffs Harbour during their reunion tour in 2011. I remember my dad dancing crazily around the living room when I was a kid to this song I have so many favourite Aussie rock songs...we have so much talent in Australia. "Solid rock.....standing on sacred ground, living on ...borrowed time ..... Grew up with this classic, and have seen the highs of Down Under and the lows - being compared to Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree (just dont see that), and it lead to the demise of the group members.

If it wasn't for Johnny O'Keefe, I might be listening to American R & B instead of the wonderful music that home grown products have provided over the years. We both ended up in the forces so I guess 'Women in Uniform' was the song that had the most influence on us both. It tells it like it is and that Australians are not pretentious but real and just want to have a good time.

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