Sweden cams framework road change detection map updating

Take care when doing this as it is virtually impossible to tell where the thing will end up due to the awkward working position and some complex angles.I got it wrong first time and had to weld the hold up.

Sweden cams-22

The SD1 headers don't fit so P6 ones have to be used - not so efficient.

Apparently there are some good aftermarket tubular ones?

Regards John South African SD1's came in only two engine sizes: the orthodox V8 3500 and a straight-6 with a 2600 capacity.

They are however very cheap, and I have heard of people converting them to V8, which is apparently not too difficult.

I also had to swap the sump, mounting brackets, water pump, oil filter, rocker covers (SD1 filler pipe was too tall), carbs and linkages, air filter, water pipes etc.

A hole needs to be cut for the clutch actuating level to protrude into the engine bay.

Several SD1 2000cc arrived in New Zealand for selling in the 2nd. The nose of the P6 had to be lenghtened in order to accomodate the longer engine but the car was apparently very fast (140 mph).

A good mate ran a 2600 SD1 and was very pleased with its performance and reliability. Overall a powerful, tractable and bullet-proof iron lump - just as things should be. It's in original shape and has not been fiddled with. In 2003 the car and engine had been running about 12 000 kilometers. The P7 engine was made up of 1.5 P6 engines welded together.

The live Northern Lights webcams in Porjus, Sweden show a real time image from the village.

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