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Following are the steps: If your site collections is referencing this master page then on feature activation the master page gets updated and it gets reflected on the site collection sites which uses this master page.

In Share Point you can add event handlers to the different lists, document libraries and content types within a Share Point site. Event handlers defined for these events are executed before the operation is executed on the content database.

(After the workflow instance completes another instance is started because of the item updated event triggered by the workflow approval. The reason for the difference in behavior is the way the workflow setup is done for the list and document library.

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[Thanks to Rob Garret] SPQuery o Query = new SPQuery ; SPList Item o Item = o List. Add(); You can look for more info about adding list item efficiently in this article by Rob Garret.

In the next part of this article, I will show you how to utilize web services or HTTP PUT method to push documents into the Share Point document library.

The Content Approval feature permits you to create a list or a document library where items or files that are submitted by users are not visible to other site users until the items or the files are approved by a user (such as the site administrator) who belongs to a site group that has the Manage Lists right.

When you add a new item or when you modify an existing item in a list or a document library after you enable content approval for that list or document library, the item is marked as Pending.

Pending items are only visible to the user who created or modified the item and to users with the Manage Lists right.

Pending items are not visible to users until the item is approved.Change your path to “C:\My CSharp Project Documentation\My Help File.chm” and it will work.Filed under: Uncategorized | Leave a comment » You might receive an error “This item cannot be deleted because it is still referenced by other pages”. Today I ran into an error while creating page layouts using a feature.And any edit that happens becomes a minor version and a workflow gets triggered only when the major version is published. there is a way to reproduce it in document library as well.You should create the workflow first and then enable content approval, you will end up in the same problem that I explained for the list !!!Thanks to the MSDN forums, Later I found that there is no way you can overwrite an existing file that is already provisioned by a feature. and btw the Ignore If Already Exists attribute just lets the feature not error out if it hits that module and the file exists.

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