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Since then, more than a hundred valid species have been described.

In the early twenty-first century, the number of discoveries has increased, leading to an improved understanding of their anatomy, relationships and way of life.

Modern research, however, indicates that several "long-necked" groups might have had some short-necked members or vice versa.

Therefore, the purely descriptive terms "plesiosauromorph" and "pliosauromorph" have been introduced, which do not imply a direct relationship.

In 1605, Richard Verstegen of Antwerp illustrated in his A Restitution of Decayed Intelligence plesiosaur vertebrae that he referred to fishes and saw as proof that Great Britain was once connected to the European continent.

Other naturalists during the seventeenth century added plesiosaur remains to their collections, such as John Woodward; these were only much later understood to be of a plesiosaurian nature and are today partly preserved in the Sedgwick Museum.

But the rumours of a rival to the Loch Ness Monster have not just caught the imagination of residents.

The Somerset town and its mystery invader have become a sensation on internet sites and Twitter.

It was a mysterious sighting that left the locals intrigued.

And before long a large crowd had gathered in Bridgwater to catch a glimpse of the 'unidentified floating object' in the town's river.

With such a commotion going on in their town, the local paper seized the opportunity with a lead story on their website about what was happening. Locals in the town speculated that it was a dead pig or turtle, while others reckoned it was a dolphin.

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