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Tom Lenk, who had worked for Garcia back in 1938, returned from The War and took to running the company alongside Otto Gumprich with their focus on Mitchell fishing reels beginning in 1947 with The Mitchell third version and the C. Carpano & Pons and the owner, Charles Pons, filed for a patent on August 3, 1948.Because of this some mistakenly believe The Mitchell was “invented” on this date but this is simply not true.

For this reason you will not find one in very good appearance unless they’ve been restored.

When you find one most of the paint will have fallen off.

This is the main point to look for when trying to locate one.

The “light” colored Rosewood Handle Knob also helps but many of these have long since deteriorated and replaced with round aluminum knobs. P (aka CAP) reel in 1937 and in March of 1939, both reels were in test run production we call first versions but in fact; they were pilot or test reels.

Demand was high since the varieties used for surgery and for leaders came in various lengths and diameters.

Fishing lines of various sorts were also imported including the special double tapers for fly-fishing and the common braided lines, which were the only ones available for fishing reels at the time.

Other imports included various raw materials such as Lamb Gut for tennis and badminton rackets as well as for stronger sutures, Kapok and other natural fibers used for domestic wares such as mattresses, carpets and so on.

Before France was invaded during early WWII, Jules had sent both reels to Otto with the suggestion they would be desirable products. (Dick) Wolff, an assistant in a New York tackle store, for appraisal. Garcia got the agency and Dick Wolff joined the Company and rose to the position of a Vice President. It was during this time when Tom Lenk, a marketing genius, took control of selling these new products.

From this institution men such as Louis Carpano were born who will make the reputation of the valley.

In addition to being a training center for young people, it was also the center for higher learning of new business technologies.

From the origins of Mitchell reels in the Arve Valley of France, through its formative years starting in 1939, to its formal exporting launch in 1947 and meteoric rise for "30 Glorious Years", to its place in history as the greatest fishing reel ever made!

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