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Like he’s 5 less which, most would think, would be some kind of tip off as to what’s to come. The dog proceeds to tear apart the family’s small Broward County home every time he is left alone, especially during thunderstorms, of which he is terrified.And being afraid of thunderstorms in South Florida is like being afraid of smog if you live in Los Angeles.

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If you are a Broward or Palm Beach resident and want to go and see this movie for the locations, you can go ahead and leave after about an hour and twenty minutes.

This is about the point where Marley disgraces himself at the only dog beach in South Florida, effectively having it shut down.

The alleged predator has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of soliciting a minor.

Duncan, one of a half-dozen law enforcement officials interviewed who praised Facebook for triggering inquiries, said: 'The manner and speed with which they contacted us gave us the ability to respond as soon as possible.'Facebook is among the many companies that are embracing a combination of new technologies and human monitoring to thwart sex predators.

The film does not have one central plot, but more of a series of vignettes about Grogan and how the dog has influenced everything he has done.

The Grogans purchase Marley (named after reggae legend Bob Marley) at some sort of puppy farm where he is discounted from the rest of the dogs.The dog has like two separate trips to the hospital, and a funeral, and a eulogy, and it all could have been done in about ten minutes.Of course, the entire audience was crying at the end. Maybe I’ll understand better once my betta fish goes belly up.But even though it is entertaining, you can wait for this one to come out on DVD. Maybe because I am a dog owner, I could relate to almost everything Marley made them go through! My review probably would have been a bit different because I LOVED this film from start to finish!!It’s a little long for what it is, and being able to stop and come back would be a nice option. John’s wife, Jenny, even writes a story for the Palm Beach Post about how Florida needed new voting machines and the massive problems not doing so might cause.

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