Sophos endpoint configure updating greyed out

When starting Isabel 6 e Banking, the link to the Bankit application is not shown.

Upgrade the firmware The problem appears with firmware version : 3.00-b0662 (MR6 Patch1) The problem is solved with firmware version : 4.0.2,build0099,090407 Please beware: Disabling the security software packages of Kaspersky does not guarantee that the software will no longer interfere.

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Since this is a delicate operation we strongly advise your IT to take care of the uninstalling.

Disclaimer: The paragraph above is solely for informational purposes and and is to be carried out at your own risk.

Contact your software supplier to report the issue and receive a permanent solution.

If you are unable to execute the following instructions or if you are using a version configured by a system administrator (Endpoint configurations), please contact your IT to make the necessary changes.

Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Sophos\Remote Management\Management Agent\Private and again delete both pkc and pkp REG_BINARY objects.

Finish off the layer by running preparation jobs such as NGEN. Next click Download User and replace the existing value with the name of the local Sophos account you created in the OS Layer.Open and manually stop the Sophos Agent, Sophos Auto Update Service and Sophos Message Router.Removing the KBC/BNP security components will not negatively affect the workings of either platform.Kaspersky Internet Security on Mac may cause undefined errors in the Isabel application.As you may or may not know, the SAM Database is only writeable in the OS Layer and any user or group created in Application Layers are not captured. Create a new Application Layer for Sophos and install Endpoint Protection using your normal methods.

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