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A classic shorthand for indicating that somebody has activated their Super Mode, tapped into their True Potential, or otherwise just got a lot more powerful: Basically, a badass-looking pattern appears on their skin, often glowing.

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Wednesday (Ian Mc Shane), who offers him an impromptu job as his assistant.

(Mc Shane quickly establishes himself as the episode’s MVP with his sly, charismatic performance, while Whittle is much more withdrawn and sullen, reinforcing Wednesday’s authority over his new companion.) Though Shadow is skeptical about the job, his old life is essentially over: Not only is Laura dead, but he’ll soon learn that his best friend was also killed in the highway accident because she was giving him a blow job.

It’s just to overwhelming to contemplate the logistics of all of that. Vicki and Gretchen and Kelly have been close lately.

Peggy seems hell bent on getting the store that one of her daughters works at on the show. She says she walked up to her boyfriend and pointed to her boobs and said, “I want to take the 600s down to 400s.” Jeana says Kelly didn’t realize she is not dating a plastic surgeon anymore, she’s dating a realtor. But Kelly, I know you read here, 400 is still way to much and in a few years you will want to go down more. Lydia was apparently invited to the counter party for Eddie, but he kid had a birthday at the same time or something?

Clearly Vicki didn’t really understand what a roast would be.

I am all in my feels today and seeing Vicki in that immaculate kitchen with nothing better to do than arrange flowers made me extremely envious.

Although, working at Macy*s in the men’s tie department was one of my favorite jobs ever. Has Andy Cohen had a penis enlargement in an attempt to lure the twinks on the Circuit? Because lately he has been doing his WWHL promos with such a wide stance I feel like it has to be either a sexually transmitted disease or some sort of surgery.

When Kelly meets Peggy there and tells her she can’t try on clothes because she just had her vagina tightened, Peggy replied, “Oh, was it loose? Am I the only one to notice he stands up for the promos now in some way to suggest he actually has something going on down there?

So the guy at the table with Vickie, Gretchen, Lizzie and Kelly is the best man at Tamra’s wedding.

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