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They might have thought I was bragging — but actually it was the contrary.

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When we did find time to see each other, we were both so exhausted from work and taking care of our children, that we barely had enough energy left to sit on the couch watching Netflix until we passed out.

I felt proud to be a solo parent and idolized the single moms who helped me get there.

There were 4,322 housing units at an average density of 121.7 per square mile (47.0/km²).

The racial makeup of the City was 38.7% White, 0.5% Black or African American, 0.5% Native American, 18.3% Asian, 13.2% Pacific Islander, 1.9% from other races, and 27.07% from two or more races.

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Indian and Pakistani porters brush by, maneuvering clutches of date-filled carts to the loading docks in the back while a few ne’er-do-wells (a rough translation for a colloquial term, Trains of metal carts stretch far into the distance, held in perfectly straight lines by slender grooves cast into the concrete.

Males had a median income of ,353 versus ,471 for females, the per capita income for the CDP was ,624.

10.8% of the population and 6.5% of families were below the poverty line.

Kona has a tropical, semi-arid climate (Köppen BSh) with warm temperatures year-round, typical of its latitude in the tropics.

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