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He knows some good f***ing doctors.” Dave, with Macca just let slip that Paul’s on the Foos’ new album Concrete And Gold.He asked the ex-Beatle to play drums on one track – pulling in a favour after arranging for producer, GREG KURSTIN, to work with Macca. Dave kind of explained it to him with an acoustic guitar. I think I know what you’re doing’.” Next time Dave gets crocked, Macca can just take his place.A music source said: “Taylor and Joe are suffering some lengthy spells apart now she’s making her pop comeback.

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After two years away, he will play an intimate gig at a secret London, location with more surprises expected.

THE skies may have opened during SHANIA TWAIN’s live British comeback – but seeing her here again after 13 years away warmed the hearts of the 55,000-strong crowd.

The BEATLES legend was FOO FIGHTERS frontman DAVE GROHL’s man in shining armour after he fractured his leg two years ago.

Macca stepped in to arrange surgery to get him fixed up.

Dave revealed: “He and his family basically set up my entire surgery in London after I broke my leg. “I wouldn’t be playing music if it wasn’t for Paul Mc Cartney because I learned how to play guitar with Beatles songbooks and playing along to Beatles records.

“But I also would not be walking right now if it was not for Paul Mc Cartney.While neither have spoken publicly about the split, the Uptown Funk artist hinted at his emotions a week later.He posted an Instagram video showing himself listening to a jazz song in the car and wrote: “You know you’re in a fragile state when a smooth jazz version of CHAKA KHAN’s Sweet Thang caresses your soul like an old friend.” Sam, 20, began her solo career in July and was with Brit singer DEV HYNES, AKA BLOOD ORANGE, for two years, in an open relationship.The band’s drummer TAYLOR HAWKINS was impressed: “You don’t generally think of him as a drummer. JOE ALWYN is taking a more subtle approach to showing his love for TAYLOR SWIFT than TOM HIDDLESTON did. S” T-shirt, Brit actor Joe has given the singer a necklace which she has been wearing to keep him close to her heart as they manage their long-distance love.Taylor even wore the chain, which he gifted to her early in their relationship, while being a bridesmaid for best pal Abigail Anderson in Massachusetts last week.She even released a tune with old band Friends called I’m His Girl, an ode to having more than one partner.

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