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80% of the tide gauges show less rise than the official “global average”.Many tide gauges show no rise in sea level, and almost none show any acceleration over the past 20 years. Polar Bears Are Thriving You’d think that Polar Bears would really be in trouble in 2014 “the hottest year ever” but they are thriving. Moose Are Making A Comeback A few years ago the moose population in Minnesota dropped rapidly and they immediately blamed global warming, then they did a study and found out it was actually wolves that were killing the moose.

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Gordon Childe, was an Australian archaeologist and philologist who specialized in the study of European prehistory.

Working most of his life as an academic in the United Kingdom for the University of Edinburgh and then the Institute of Archaeology, London, he wrote twenty-six books and was an early proponent of culture-historical archaeology and Marxist archaeology.

The Great lakes had record ice Lake Superior only had 3 ice free months in 2014.

You’d think that in the hottest year ever that ice would be melting like Al Gore said. Record Snow 2014 saw record snowfall in many areas, remember when they said that global warming would cause snow to disappear and children won’t know what snow is. Record Cold In 2014 we saw all kinds of cold records remember the Polar Vortex?

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Not to mention some people such as Al Gore actually profit from Carbon Taxes and other green energy laws.

If they actually believed what they preached they would be leading quite different lives.

Returning to Australia in 1917, he was prevented from working in academia because of his socialist activism, instead working for the Australian Labor Party as the private secretary of politician John Storey.

Growing critical of Labor, he authored an analysis of their policies and joined the far-left Industrial Workers of the World.

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