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Compare the frame size of a Whippet to a Clumber Spaniel.Both are considered medium-sized breeds, but their body types represent opposite ends of that spectrum.

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Wonder how much a year Candace makes to make a statement like that.

Apparently everyone looks the same in Century Village. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which destroyed the US economy, is another "form" of Section 8. I can't believe they would even have the nerve to say they are fearful of crime because they are on welfare.

In general, most medium size breeds will reach their full adult frame size between 12 and 15 months old.

Breeds with stockier bodies may take as long as 18 months of age for their weight to catch up to their frame size.

The police are constantly being called to settle some problem.

They also tend to have little or no respect for the people living around them.Not all poor people are criminals, where the hell do they get off!!! Why should there be a problem with Section 8 residents moving into CV ? At lease yhe condo board will still be able to do some screening.Look for incrcrease of value for the 55plus condos I live in a community where Section 8 people are renting.This should be only for government housing, why must you push down our throats those who already live off our tax system.If they cannot afford to live in a place of their own then have them work as hard as everyone who owns a home has.Join the discussion below, or Read more at South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Why should someone who is retired in a nice developement have to live near someone who cant work hard enough to afford a place of their own???? "Candace Tapscott, a director with the federal Housing and Urban Development agency in Miami, met with hundreds of Century Village owners this week to allay their fears.

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